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Some random thoughts on parenting…

I’ve come to realize after having the blessing to help raise and guide five children, that my role as a parent is more like that of Professor X.

In the X Men comic books, Professor X helps young “mutants” learn to develop and control their own unique abilities. He creates an environment where they can become who they are meant to be, not what he wants them to be.

As a parent it’s often hard to look at our kids as individuals. We often feel they are extensions of ourselves or representations of how successful we are or how genetically superior we are.

But one thing that I constantly remind myself is that they were given to me with their own purpose, their own unique abilities, and their own unique challenges.

My job as a Dad I’ve found has come in phases.

During the early years…frankly, my job was just to keep them from killing themselves.

But at some point they begin to reveal...

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